Things to do around Berekfürdő

Things to do around Berekfürdő

If you have already soaked yourself in the hot tub that belongs to your own apartment, then it is worth choosing from the following program options:

Berekfürdő Spa and Beach Bath

The 2 spa pools located in 8 hectares of wonderful green area, which are of course a 3-minute walk away, a spa pool with neck, back, and waist shower experience services, which was built specifically for those who want to heal, and 2 thermal pools, which are popular with young, old and older alike. In addition, there is a children’s pool and a swimming pool in our beach spa, as well as a new 500 m2 youth experience pool with a roller coaster and a slide. In our indoor section, there are 4 completely renovated indoor pools: therapeutic, therapeutic gymnastics, children’s and a reclining experience pool. Although in this building, patients can use the weight bath, medical massage, electrotherapy and underwater beam massage services as needed. They also perform treatments prescribed by a rheumatologist, financed by the Social Insurance Fund. In addition to medical services, there are also pedicures and manicures.

Lake Tisza Eco Center – Poroszló

The Lake Tisza Eco Center in Poroszló is Hungary’s new tourist visitor center, a real sight. The Ökocentrum presents the natural treasures of Lake Tisza and the Tisza Valley to visitors in a fun, modern, interactive way, presenting the rich wildlife of Hungary’s second largest lake. THE MAIN ATTRACTION OF THE LAKE TISA ECOCENTER IS EUROPE’S LARGEST FRESHWATER AQUARIUM SYSTEM, which with its total volume of 735,000 liters and the underwater wonders presented in it offers a truly special experience close to nature.

Hortobágy National Park

The Hortobágy National Park is our country’s first national park, which was established on January 1, 1973 by the National Nature Conservation Office. Its area is 82,000 hectares. In 1999, at a meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Marrakesh, the entire area of the Hortobágy National Park was added to the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The National Park operates the country’s only passenger-carrying fish railway, which ends at Hungary’s largest artificial fish lake (Lake Kondás).

Lake Tisza – Tiszafüred

Lake Tisza is the second largest but also the youngest lake in our country – 30 years old – originally known as the Kiskörei Reservoir, which was created as a result of damming provided by the Kiskörei Barrage. The lake embraces the river Tisza on the border of Heves and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok counties, and its striking contour is given by the flood protection embankments. Before the regulation of the Tisza – in the first half of the 1800s, this area was still a real wild water country. The XIX in the second half of the 20th century, the regulation of the Tisza river began, which was initiated by count István Széchenyi and designed by Pál Vásárhelyi, the most outstanding water engineer of the reform era.

Several towns on the lake have beaches, canoeing, boating and various sports facilities.

Sarudi Experience Village

The country’s most unique adventures await you; Central Europe’s largest Aquaglide Water Playground, the largest domestic outdoor Trampoline Beach, qualified Equestrian Center with hucul horses, Harcmező playful battlefield, Lake Tisza’s largest Adventure Park, water base, many games and sports.

Karcagi Canopy Promenade

In December 2017, the 6-meter-high, 234-meter-long Lombkorona Sétány of Karcag opened its doors. Visiting the educational trail is free all year round. Thanks to the posted information boards of nearly forty pieces and the most modern tools, in addition to the flora and fauna, they also have the opportunity to learn about the local history and landscape history of the area. in winter-

in summer, autumn and spring, you can view the forest from a height that you cannot really reach during an average trip. In the area of the canopy walkway, several benches, fire pits and a playground have been created for the pleasure of the little ones. More information:

Tiszaderzi Kangaroo Park

The Australian continent comes to life on the shores of Lake Tisza. You can walk among Benett’s kangaroos, you can admire the impressive size of red giant kangaroos, but the colorful birds of Australia, from the smallest zebra finch to the largest cockatoo species, can also be found in this mini animal exhibition. You can also meet the audience favorite meerkats, lemurs or the cute alpacas. More information:

If you want to rent a bicycle for the above programs, we can also help you with that.